PTS Worldwide Express

Courier service

PTS Worldwide Express Tracking

Our service allows you to track the parcel of PTS Worldwide Express or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

Also track your package from AliExpress, TAOBAO, Ebay, JD.COM and other popular online stores.

PTS Worldwide Express statuses

Status Translation into en
Delivered Delivered
Departed from sorting center Departed from sorting center
Shipment in transit Shipment in transit
Out for Delivery Out for Delivery
Departed from Facility Departed from Facility
Scheduled for Delivery Scheduled for Delivery
Arrived at destination facility Arrived at destination facility
Shipment Data Received Shipment Data Received
Arrived at sorting center Arrived at sorting center
Shipment Picked Up Shipment Picked Up
Arrived at Sorting Center Arrived at Sorting Center
Shipped from Origin Shipped from Origin
Shipment Reached Center Shipment Reached Center
Cleared Customs Cleared Customs
Airline Transfer Process Airline Transfer Process
Export from Turkey Export from Turkey
Customs Inspection Customs Inspection
Shipment in Transit Shipment in Transit
Customs Clearence in Progress Customs Clearence in Progress
Attempted delivery,delivery not possible Attempted delivery,delivery not possible
Shipment Delivered to Operations Center Shipment Delivered to Operations Center
Returned to Shipper Returned to Shipper
Customs inspection Customs inspection
Delivered to parcelshop.Awaiting pickup Delivered to parcelshop.Awaiting pickup
Received from Cargo Received from Cargo
Transfer Delay Transfer Delay
Enrouted to PTS OC by Izmir SUB Enrouted to PTS OC by Izmir SUB
Confiscated by the Customs -
Delivery Attempted, Premises Closed Delivery Attempted, Premises Closed
Approved by the Destination Agency Approved by the Destination Agency
Misrouted Misrouted
Handover Handover
Return To Shipper from Origin Return To Shipper from Origin
Accepted by PTS Sub in Ankara -
Accepted by PTS Sub -
Shipped by PTS Sub from Ankara -
Delivery at a Later Date Requested Delivery at a Later Date Requested
Delivery to Another Address Requested -
Shipped by PTS Sub to PTS -
Not Received In The Specified Time -
Holiday -
Attempted delivery,delivery no -
Returned to Cologne Operation Center -
Departed from Facili Departed from Facili
At Park -
Cologne - Germany -
Bad Address, Please Contact to PTS -
Export from -
Airline Tr -
Ar -
Airline T Airline T
Shipment Data Recei -
Shipment Delivered to Opera -
Reminder SMS / Email Sent -
Returned to Operation Center Returned to Operation Center
Arrived at sorti -
Handed over to Subcontractor -
Departed fr -
Airline Tra -
Departed from Faci -
Airline Transf -
Delivered to Agency Delivered to Agency
SMS / Email Sent SMS / Email Sent
Delivered to Broker as Requested -
Arrived at destination fac -
Recipient Refused Delivery -