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Taiwan Post Tracking

Our service allows you to track the parcel of Taiwan Post or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

Also track your package from AliExpress, TAOBAO, Ebay, JD.COM and other popular online stores.

Taiwan Post statuses

Status Translation into en
到達寄達國互換局 Exchange bureau of the country of arrival
投遞成功 Successful delivery
海關查驗 customs inspection
已完成處理準備離開–資料如右方 Finished processing and ready to leave – the information is shown on the right
承運人已攬收 Carrier has collected
離開寄達國互換局 Leaving the exchange bureau of the destination country
郵件暫留出口互換局 Export Exchange Bureau
已抵達目的國 Arrived in the destination country
承運人已攬收﹐運輸途中 The carrier has collected it and is in transit
郵袋接收 -
投遞不成功/郵件轉運中 -
交寄郵件 Post mail
到達候領地點等待收件人取件 -