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Macedonia Post Tracking

Our service allows you to track the parcel of Macedonia Post or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

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Macedonia Post statuses

Status Translation into en
Vo Posta In the Post
Pratkata se prima od Ispra}a~ The consignment is received from the Sender
Ispora~ana Delivered
Pristignata vo Naizmeni!na po{ta(Vlez) Arrived at the Exchange Mail (Login)
Za Dost./ Ispor For Delivery / Delivery
Pristignata vo Naizmeni!na po{ta(Izlez) Arrived at the Exchange Mail (Exit)
Pratkata e stavena vo vre}a(Izlez) The package is placed in a bag (Exit)
Izvesten-Za isporaka na {alter Certain-For delivery to the counter
Vtora dostava Second delivery
Prenaso~ena Redirected
Ne pobaral I didn't ask
Nedostasuva faktura Nedostasuva Faktura
Pratkata e vo dostavna po{ta(Vlez) The item is in the delivery mail (Login)
Pratkata odi vo Carina(Vlez) Pratkata Odi Vo Carina (Vlez)
Pogre{no zadol`ena Wrongly indebted
Pratka vratena od Carina(Vlez) Pratka Vratena Od Carina (Vlez)
Pratkata e vo dostava(Vlez) Shipment is in delivery (Login)
vrateno na ispra}a~ot returned to the sender
Vratena na ispra}a~ Returned to the sender
Iselen Iselen
Na ~uvawe Storage
Carinata dava informacija za pratkata(Vlez) Customs provides information for the consignment (Login)
preprateno accompanied
Pratkata odi vo Carina(Izlez) -
Pratka vratena od Carina(Izlez) -
Nepoznat Nepoznat