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Our service allows you to track the parcel of Iceland Post or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

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Estados Iceland Post

Estado Traducción al es
Arrived Llegado
Arrived at Post Office Llegó a la oficina de correos
Arrival at Delivery Office Llegada a la oficina de entrega
Arrival at delivery office Llegada a la oficina de entrega
Arrived in destination country Llegó al país de destino
Item out for delivery Objeto fuera para entregar
Item presented to export Customs/Security Artículo presentado para exportar Aduana / Seguridad
Departed from sorting center abroad Partió del centro de clasificación en el extranjero
Registered/mailed abroad Registrado / enviado al extranjero
Not delivered No entregado
Import fees calculated Tarifas de importación calculadas
Scanned - Into container Escaneado: en contenedor
Notifcation (Text msg./email) Notificación (mensaje de texto / correo electrónico)
Delivery booked Entrega reservada
Payment received Pago recibido
Waiting for payment A la espera del pago
(Arrival date) (Fecha de llegada)
Arrived at post office Llegó a la oficina de correos
Arrived at sorting center abroad -
(Is expected) -
Item held by export Customs/Security Artículo retenido por Aduana / Seguridad de exportación
Shipment sorting -
Sending komin í Póstbox -
Afhent -
(Sent forward) (Enviado hacia adelante)
Mailed -
Delivery list from post office -
Initial registration -
Request for Customs process -
Inserted into bag -
ITMATT sent -
Restatement -
Notice printed -
Waiting for Invoice -
Invoice delivered -
Notice sent (Import departm.) -
Shipment arrived at parcel point -
Item cleared from import Customs/security -
Information registered -
Item held by import Customs -
Item cleared from import Customs -
Delivered abroad -
Notice sent from post office -
Notification sent for home delivery -
Item presented to export Customs/security -
Delivery note - Pick-up at post office -
Email about unpaid fees -
Breytt afhendingarleið -
Delivery event -
Mail arrived at sorting center -
Restatement 2 -
Payment pending -
For home delivery -
Ítrekun send -
Item held at sorting center abroad -
Scanned to shelf -
Returned - Unclaimed -
Restatement 1 (Import departm.) -
Customs S.O. created -
Home delivery requested -
Sent from post office -
Information registered for Customs -
Recipient not found -
Returned - Incorrect/incomplete address -