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Seguimiento de envio Ekart

Our service allows you to track the parcel of Ekart or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

Also track your package from AliExpress, TAOBAO, Ebay, JD.COM and other popular online stores.

Estados Ekart

Estado Traducción al es
Delivered Entregado
Out for Delivery Fuera para entrega
Shipment Created Envío creado
Pickup From Seller -
Received at EKL_Bamnoli2 -
Received at Motherhub_JKS -
Received at MUM/SAI3 -
Dispatched to Motherhub_JKS -
Received at Surat Sort Facility -
Received at Motherhub_ULB -
Received at JindHub_JND -
Dispatched to JindHub_JND -
Dispatched to Surat Sort Facility -
Received at Motherhub_MAL -
Received at MotherHub_BNL -
Dispatched to Motherhub_ULB -
Dispatched to Bamnoli Sort Centre -
Dispatched to MUM/SAI3 -
Received at MotherHub_CSK -
Received at MotherHub_FRK -
Received at Bamnoli Sort Centre -
Dispatched to KatargaamHub_STV -
Dispatched to MotherHub_CSK -
Received at BOM/BTS -
Received at KatargaamHub_STV -
Received at Bilaspur Sort Facility -
Dispatched to Motherhub_MAL -
Received at MotherHub_HYP -
Received at Padi Hub -
Received at Jaipur Sort Facility -
Dispatched to BOM/BTS -
Received at MotherHub_SNK -
Dispatched to MotherHub_BNL -
Received at Hoskote Sort facility -
Dispatched to MotherHub_FRK -
Dispatched to Bilaspur Sort Facility -
Dispatched to SY Garments -
Dispatched to Jaipur Sort Facility -
Received at MP_SuratHub_STV -
Received at SY Garments -
Delivery attempt failed(No response from customer) -
Received at MotherHub_LKO -
Dispatched to MotherHub_HYP -
Received at PAT/BTS -
Dispatched to Padi Hub -
Dispatched to Hoskote Sort facility -
Received at MotherHub_BLR -
Received at LoadshareCitiCenterODH_DGP -
Received at Fkl-Gurgaonflex -
Received at MotherHub_OFX -
Dispatched to LoadshareCitiCenterODH_DGP -
Received at CentralHub_JJR -
Received at Medchal Sort Facility -
Received at JagitiyalHub_JGL -
Received at FKL_JKS -
Dispatched to MotherHub_SNK -
Dispatched to Raipur Sort Facility -
Received at Raipur Sort Facility -
Undelivered. (Rescheduled to: 2021-05-23) -
Dispatched to JagitiyalHub_JGL -
Dispatched to Bhilai Hub -
Dispatched to PAT/BTS -
Received at Tardeo Hub -
Received at Coimbatore Sort Facility -
Dispatched to Tardeo Hub -
Received at HARISH HOMES -
Dispatched to HARISH HOMES -
Received at MP_JaipurHub_JAI -
Dispatched to MotherHub_BLR -
Received at Motherhub_AHD -
Received at LalitpurHub_LAL -
Received at HYD/VIJ -
Dispatched to Medchal Sort Facility -
Delivery attempt failed(Customer rejected) -
Dispatched to MogappairHub_CHN -
Received at MogappairHub_CHN -
Dispatched to CentralHub_Alite_L_SAJ1 -
Received at CentralHub_Alite_L_SAJ1 -
Dispatched to SatelliteHub_RTK -
Received at SatelliteHub_RTK -
Received at Mohit Book Depo -
Dispatched to Mohit Book Depo -
Dispatched to MotherHub_LKO -
Dispatched to LalitpurHub_LAL -
Dispatched to JaipurMansaroverHub_JAI -
Received at JaipurMansaroverHub_JAI -
Received at fkl_MyntraBinola -
Dispatched to BHU/CUT -
Undelivered. (Rescheduled to: __dd-mm-yy__) -
Received at Gaya Hub -
Received at Motherhub_COK_Flex -
Dispatched to Motherhub_COK_Flex -
Received at Bhilai Hub -
Received at CentralHub_FRN -
Dispatched to HYD/VIJ -
Dispatched to Coimbatore Sort Facility -
Received at TamlukHub_TMZ -
Dispatched to CentralHub_FRN -
Dispatched to Nandini courier -