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Seguimiento de envio DD Express

Our service allows you to track the parcel of DD Express or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

Also track your package from AliExpress, TAOBAO, Ebay, JD.COM and other popular online stores.

Estados DD Express

Estado Traducción al es
Out for delivery Fuera para entrega
Out for Delivery Fuera para entrega
out for delivery Fuera para entrega
Shipment delivered envío entregado
Customs cleared -
Shipment info received Información de envío recibida
Shipment Out for Delivery Envío a cabo para la entrega
Shipment out for delivery Envío a cabo para la entrega
Shipment arrived at facility Envío llegó a las instalaciones
Dispatched from sorting center Enviado desde el centro de clasificación
Shipment Inbound Scanned -
Shipment Delivered Envío entregado
Parcel has been delivered -
Parcel is DELIVERED -
Parcel is collected -
Parcel is delivered -
Forwarding to destination hub -
Shipment on tracing- A -
Parcel has been collected -
Arrived at a DD facility -
Shipment forwarded to a DD facility -
Shipment forwarded to destination -
Intransit to Destination En tránsito a destino
POD Uploaded -
Parcel is successfully delivered -
Out on courier delivery -
Shipment delivered to consignee -
Forwarding to destination hub A -
DD has picked up the shipment -
Shipment in transit to destination -
Shipment arrived at facility - A -
Customs Processing -
Sender request to change a new address (Previous tracking 55531306482) -
Attempted delivery - Change address -
Shipment at DD delivery facility -
Attempted delivery - Bad Address -
Attempted delivery - No such company -
Shipment forwarded to destination - D -
Shipment on tracing - A -
DHL Tracking - WAYBILL 49 6376 7572 -
Forwarding to destination hub-A -
Shipment arrived at facility hub A -
Shipment at DD facility - A -
Shipment forwarded to destination - B 1015791 -
item in facility hub-ddpj -
Sticker printed -
item in facility hub-ddpjy -
Waiting for collection at DD office -
Departed to KUL 25JUN/17:04 -
Arrived KUL 25JUN/22:18 -
custom clearance in progress-26 Jun 09:00 -
route Scan -
Arrived port -
Container arrived warehouse -
Console Inbound Scanned -
Containr sorting -
Arrived destination airport ICN05AUG/15:23 -
Departed to destination JFK04AUG/12:21 -
Custom clerance complete 14/AUG 14:00 -
Custom clerance progress 14/AUG10:00 -
Arrived destination airport13AUG/22:15 -
Departed to destination ICN13AUG/16:37 -
Arrived destination airport ICN12AUG/16:55 -
Departed to destination JFK11AUG/13:26 -
Custom clerance complete KUL10/SEP12:00 -
Custom clerance progress KUL10/SEP10:00 -
Arrived airport destination KUL09SEP/22:10 -
Departed to destination ICN09SEP/16:42 -
Arrived airport destination ICN08SEP/16:09 -
Departed to destination JFK 07SEP/09:15 -
Departed to ICN 23JUN/12:04 -
Arrived ICN 24JUN/15:04 -