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Seguimiento de envio Bluedart

Our service allows you to track the parcel of Bluedart or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

Also track your package from AliExpress, TAOBAO, Ebay, JD.COM and other popular online stores.

Estados Bluedart

Estado Traducción al es
Shipment in transit Cargamento en camino
Shipment delivered envío entregado
Shipment Picked Up Envío recogido
Shipment Out for Delivery Envío a cabo para la entrega
Shipment Further Connected Envío más conectado
Shipment Arrived El envío llegó
Shipment Arrived At Hub El envío llegó al centro
Shipment Delivered Envío entregado
Undelivered Shipment Held At Location -
Shipment Out For Delivery Envío a cabo para la entrega
Network Delay, Will Impact Delivery -
Return to shipper -
Delay Caused Beyond Control -
Paper Work Inscan -
Returned To Origin At Shipper'S Request -
Consignee Refused To Accept -
Contact Customer Service -
Consignee Not Available -
Online Shipment Booked -
Shipment Redirected On Same Awb -
Load On Hold;Space Constraint-Comml Flt -
Consignee'S Address Incomplete/Incorrect Dirección del destinatario incompleta / incorrecta
Pickup Has Been Registered -
Shipment In Transit cargamento en camino
Network Delay, Will Impact Timely Delivery -
Refusal Confirmation Code Verified -
Wrong Pincode, Will Impact Delivery -
Load On Hold;Space Constraint In Net Veh -
Consignee'S Address Unlocatable/Landmark Needed -
On Hold As Requested By Shipper En espera según lo solicite el remitente
Pickup Employee Is Out To P/U Shipment -
Clubbed Canvas Bag Scan -
Delivery Scheduled For Next Working Day -
Network Issue, Will Impact Delivery -
Holiday, Delivery On Next Business Day -
Delivery Delayed -
Consignee Out Of Station -
Cnee Refused Id/Otp Not Shared-Incorrect -
C'Nee Shifted From The Given Address -
Delivery On Next Business Day -
Prohibited Area-Entry Restricted For Delivery -
Necessary Charges Pending From Consignee -
Out Of Delivery Area -
Pickup Cancelled By Customer On Attempt -
Shipment Handed Over For Further Connx To Destination -
Pickup Successful, Sent For Processing -
No Such Consignee At The Given Address -
Delivery Will Be Attempted At Secondary Address -
Delivered Back To Shipper -
Rto At Origin Outsacan For Delivery -
Delivery Scheduled Through Appointment -
Consignee Has Given Bde Hal Address -
Redirected On Same Awb To Shipper Contact Customer Service -
Fake Booking/Fake Address -
Shipment Redirected On New Airway Bill -
Need Department Name/Extention Number -
Load On Hold; Embargo On Comml Uplift -