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Our service allows you to track the parcel of China Post or any parcel from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong.

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China Post statuses

Status Translation into en
离开 go away
已出口直封 Has been exported straight seal
已交承运商运输 Delivered to the carrier for transportation
到达 Arrivals
航空公司接收 航空公司接收
航空公司启运 Airline departure
飞机进港 Plane arrives
到达寄达地处理中心 Arrive at the delivery center
到达寄达地 Arrive at the place of destination
到达(经转) Arrival (transit)
境外进口海关放行 Customs clearance for overseas imports
离开处理中心 Leave the processing center
已完成寄达地清关 Customs clearance at the destination has been completed
已妥投 Already voted
送交境外进口海关 Send to overseas import customs
已到达投递局 Arrived at the delivery office
退回,备注:安检退回 Return, Remarks: Security check returned
安排投递 Arrange delivery
退回 Left customs
到达境外经转局 Arrive at overseas transit bureau
到达二级处理中心 Arrive at the secondary processing center
送交承运商 Delivery to carrier
境外进口海关留存待验 The foreign import customs keep it for inspection
中转站转运中 Transit in transit station
离开,下一站【广州国际邮件交换站】(经转) Depart, next stop [Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Station] (transit)
已到达 Arrived
已收寄,揽投员:石志聪1,电话:17724217935 Received and sent, solicitor: Shi Zhicong 1, Tel: 17724217935
航班起飞 航班起飞
航班到达 Flight arrival
离开,下一站【上海国际邮件交换站】(经转) Departure, next stop【Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station】(Transit)
已收寄,揽投员:刘晓怡,电话:15626211295 Received and mailed, solicitor: Liu Xiaoyi, Tel: 15626211295
已收寄,揽投员:马景和1,电话:13927721343 Received and mailed, solicitors: Ma Jinghe 1, Tel: 13927721343
已收寄,揽投员:何江源,电话:13760742734 Received, solicitor: He Jiangyuan, Tel: 13760742734
到达境外自提点 Arrive at the overseas pickup point
已收寄,揽投员:甘爽 Received and sent, soliciting investors: Gan Shuang
出口互换局留存 Retained by the Export Exchange Bureau
离开,下一站【北京国际邮件交换站】(经转) Departure, next stop【Beijing International Mail Exchange Station】(Transit)
送交出口海关 Send to export customs
已收寄,揽投员:林哲,电话:15080009270 -
已收寄,揽投员:邹建辉,电话:17724217935 Received and mailed, solicitor: Zou Jianhui, Tel: 17724217935
离开,下一站【合肥国际邮件处理中心】(经转) Leaving, next stop [Hefei International Mail Processing Center] (transit)
送交进口海关 Send to import customs
已收寄,揽投员:苏栩桦,电话:13927721343 Received, solicitor: Su Xuhua, Tel: 13927721343
离开境外经转局 Leaving the overseas transit bureau
邮件在境内转运中 Mail is in transit in China
离开,下一站【郑州国际邮件交换站】(经转) Depart, next stop [Zhengzhou International Mail Exchange Station] (transit)
进口海关放行 Import customs clearance
已收寄,揽投员:许燕 Received and sent, soliciting investment: Xu Yan
离开,下一站【重庆国际邮件交换站】(经转) Depart, next stop [Chongqing International Mail Exchange Station] (transit)
出口海关/放行 Export customs/release